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The Best Food in Doha, Qatar and Where to Find Them

Did you know that Doha is one of the best countries with the most delicious food?  The food in Doha has got their influences from Africa, India and Mediterranean. But here’s what you should know. The traditional Qatari food is quite delicious and that is why we would want to share to you some of the must-try food here.


Seemingly the most mainstream Qatari dish, machboos (machbūs or machbous) is a combination of rice, meat, vegetables and flavors. Like Saudi kabasa or Indian biryani, Qatari machboos are regularly presented with rose water, lemon or a stew sauce as an afterthought. 

Camel meat 

Delicate when cooked for extensive stretches of time, camel meat is a mainstream dish all through the area. Attempt it in a machboos or broiled and daintily cut enclosed by a shawarma. 


You may think all dates are made equivalent… They are definitely not. From the famous Ajwa to the more costly Medjool, the sweet, nutrient rich “products of heaven” fluctuate in size, pleasantness and cost. The interest for dates increments around the Holy Month of Ramadan when Muslims eat dates to break their day by day quickly. Marhaba has more tips for purchasing dates in Qatar. 


A local top choice, fatayer is a “pie” with meat, spinach or cheddar. Taste it once and you’re not going to forget it your lifetime.

Qatari desserts 

There is no shy of Qatari desserts or Arabic sweets in Doha. Baked good sweethearts can begin with a Qatayef. The wanton treat is a southern style baked good, loaded down with cheddar and trickling in syrup. The dairy unfriendly should search for Luqaimat — a syrup-loaded sweet mixture dumpling. Those with a more unobtrusive sweet tooth may like the “Center Eastern pudding” oum ali. Or then again the rose water-mixed Mahalabia (Mouhalabieh), a colorful milk pudding. 


Karak is the informal beverage of Qatar. The dim tea is gently spiced, improved and blended in with hefty cream. Qataris love a little cup of warm karak. It’s additionally a top pick among outsiders the same.

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